Write an Abuse

Sometimes bad reviews are not enough. So you seem to have written in direct that your service is terrible, the service was frankly bad, and instead of wishing you a good day, you just kept silent! But sometimes it happens that you, as a client, were treated not just badly, but very inappropriately. So, it's totally unacceptable. Will a bad review be enough in this case and will a discount on the next purchase make up for the problem? Unlikely. We figure out how to write a complaint about any organization that treated you badly, and how to do it as correctly as possible.

Why write a complaint when you don't like something?

Different things happen in life. If only because when receiving some services, there is always a living person on the reverse side. He may have a hard day, a bad mood, problems at work, but it does not matter when he purposefully violates your rights on behalf of any organization.

It is important to understand that a complaint is an appeal that is already resorted to at a “boiling” point from which there is no return. How to determine this point? For example, when you want to write a complaint about "Nova Poshta" or write a complaint about "UkrPoshta" because your package was lost and they do not give an official answer within a month. Or when you think it's worth writing a complaint about Lifecell or writing a complaint about Kyivstar because the operator refused to help you and hung up right during the conversation. You can safely write a complaint against Oschadbank if you were treated rudely and violated your rights as a client.

All this is important and must be done for the sake of a single price - to restore violated rights, punish the guilty and break the chain. After all, besides you, other people can get into such a situation, who often prefer not the best strategy - to remain silent and endure. That is why the complaint is the case when the indifference of one can benefit everyone.

How to write a complaint so that it is taken into account and helped to sort it out?

Most modern organizations and brands that care about their reputation have special forms for filing complaints. As a rule, these are world-famous services and structures that serve a large number of people and are always ready to meet. That is why, for example, you do not need to think about how to write a complaint about a hotel in booking, because the service itself kindly offers you to do it right on the site. This is happening so quickly and adequately that in 2020 alone, booking reached an agreement with more than 90% of partners and did it in less than a week.

Therefore, before writing a complaint, find out if the company or brand has special feedback forms. Customer-centric organizations resolve such issues fairly quickly. Having figured out how to write a complaint to the hotel on the website, you are more likely to get through to the administration. Sometimes, by the way, it is useful to know how to write a complaint to the hotel in English so that she does not have to resort to translation services. This, as a rule, can delay the process for several days.

And if your complaint is related to the public sector, then find out which structure you need to file it with. For example, today you can write a complaint against a doctor by contacting the Department of Health or submit a written appeal to the Ministry of Health.

Perhaps the most important point in writing a complaint is readability and consistency. It is important that the person who receives your appeal is able to understand the essence of the problem and convey it to his management, who will already take the necessary measures and contact you. Be sure to also include your name, email or postal address, and phone number. This is especially true for the preparation of complaints that are sent to state bodies, because they usually do not consider anonymous complaints.

What not to do when filing a complaint against a company?

Even by itself, the word “complaint” doesn’t sound very pleasant anymore. And to paint its contents in an even more unpleasant light is not a good idea. Do not use profanity, do not write insults, refuse rude assessments and violations of other people's boundaries. Complaints, in which courtesy and neutrality are preserved, are considered and resolved much easier and faster: so to speak, without sharp knives in the air.

In the end, even statements to the court are drawn up according to this principle, when you need to consistently, clearly and clearly state the essence of what happened. At the same time, they do not write about the actions of the accused party as “he went crazy”, “beguiled the shores” or “whatever he allows himself to do”. Remember that common sense and courtesy, even in the most unpleasant situations, no one has canceled. And especially if you decide to highlight it, so that “above” would know about it and help restore justice.

What is the difference between a complaint and just a bad review? Is there a difference?

Negative reviews differ from complaints in that they express the personal opinion of a person who did not like the service, maintenance or some other details, but it was tolerable. The personal boundaries of the client were not violated and, in principle, he could be satisfied with the service, but no, he will not come again. This is how you can, for example, write a bad review about a beauty salon and there is a 95% chance that its managers will help solve the problem, apologize and offer a nice bonus as an apology. This works in the same way when you think about how to write a bad review about a restaurant. A really good restaurant with a reputation will give you quick feedback.

But when the situation goes beyond what is decent and permissible, and the company or service reacts to this with indifference or, worse, with ridicule, then drawing up a formal complaint is already obvious. This opinion is also confirmed by the Ask.Direct online service, which was created specifically to save people from getting to know such organizations and help identify those that can be trusted. In a few clicks, this chatbot finds a person who has used the services of a company or brand that interests you, and opens a personal chat with him in a convenient messenger for you. A quick, understandable and logical way to learn up-to-date information about a restaurant, hotel, service or brand from a real live person who has already used its services.