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Anthony Saunders
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From Anthony Saunders | 8 months ago
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When I bought an apartment in one of Dubai's housing estates through an agency, I was taking a risk, hoping for the manager's words that the investment would increase by 30% in 3 years. It sounded tempting at the time and I decided to invest. 😌 But here it was three years later and the reality was not so rosy. Instead of the promised 30%, I was only able to get 10%. I can't say it's a complete failure, but the expectations were certainly not met. 😕 Now, looking back, I realize that I would have been better off investing my funds in a brokerage company with a deposit of 5%. Yes, it's less than 10%, but over the years I would have already taken out 15%. And the main advantage is that I would have liquidity of money on hand, the ability to use my funds quickly and painlessly if needed. Now I am working on selling this apartment, and, igopia of fate, I am turning to the same real estate agency. Hopefully this time everything will go smoothly and without surprises. 🤞 Nevertheless, it is worth noting that despite all the obstacles, the work of the agency leaves a pleasant impression. Managers are always on call, ready to help and advise. So, hopefully, my experience with selling an apartment will be more successful. 🌟👍
Sponsored Review
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From Sponsored Review | a year ago
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When I started working with The Capita Dubai Real Estate, I was full of hope and expected that my dream of having my own apartment in Dubai would soon come true. 😌 At the presentation I was shown gorgeous visualizations of the residential complex, was told about the high quality of construction and fast delivery time. And now it's been two years since I became a happy owner of an apartment in this LCD. At first, yes, there were disappointments: the house has already been completed, but there was still construction around. Noise, dust, dirt - it was not easy. However, despite these difficulties, The Capita Dubai Real Estate team was always in touch. They kept me regularly updated on the progress of the work and I could see that they were really trying to speed up the process. Plus, when I walked into my apartment, I realized that it was worth it. The quality of the finishes, the view from the window - it's just amazing. 😊 I recently heard that most of the landscaping has been completed, and I hope to soon be able to enjoy the peace and comfort of my new home to the fullest. Yes, there have been challenges, but the final result I'm sure will exceed all expectations. 🌟👍
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