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From F. Sponsored Review | 3 years ago
388 reviews
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The hotel was disappointing. Judging by the other negative reviews, I'm not the only one. We also arrived in such a season that almost always the weather was gloomy, a strong wind blew. There was no question of swimming in the ocean. This became my biggest disappointment. Then. Despite the fact that the villas are clean and well maintained, there is some kind of trash going on in the restaurants. Flies and some insects were right on the fruit, I saw with my own eyes. She told the waiter that there are special caps so that this would not happen - she just smiled and took the dish away. It’s not a fact that they didn’t bring him back in bulk ((some midges bit the child, so even the drug didn’t help. The staff smoothed out the disappointment a little, they are good and friendly. But I was waiting for a holiday, some kind of miracle, but I got a rest at four walls. There is a gym, and I hung out in it. And I'm not alone. There was no talk of swimming or going to sea on an excursion. The hotel is not to blame, but I have bad memories (and Wi-Fi is slow here, although it is free.
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