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From F. Sponsored Review | 3 years ago
388 reviews
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After a rest in Berdyansk, of course, prepare your gold coins, I will remember this vacation for a long time. Bali is an old dream of our whole family and now it has come true, but we didn’t expect it to be SO expensive .. of course we knew the cost in advance, but somehow it’s hard to come to terms with it. But we rested very cool, not much of course, there will be something to aspire to) In short, nature is a fairy tale, food is licking your fingers, and most importantly, you don’t need to cook, they bring everything, even to the room)) if you ask in advance of course. I warn you, if you are flying with children, then look for other options. On the second day, ours became already bored, for children from entertainment there is only the type of exercise in the pool twice a day and that's it. Somehow a little confused for children, honestly. I had to lure them with sand on the beach. There is another minus - this is the main one, the fact that the staff does not know English well and we also searched for a common language with our clumsy one for a very long time, they do not always understand what you want and just smile sweetly ... at the end of the rest they already pissed me off. But we still caught zen and rested our head and body. Definitely better than Berdyansk😁
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