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460 reviews
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From Sponsored Review | 2 years ago
460 reviews
98 helpful
59 useless
First booked and paid for the hotel, and then read the reviews. Initially, we were upset, as people complained about the location, that it was noisy under the windows and the rooms were so-so ... But it was too late to change something, I decided to leave everything as it is. I don't know where all these people were vacationing, but I can't say anything bad about the hotel. The only thing is that upon arrival we were delayed check-in because the room did not have time to clean. But we were offered coffee and fruit while we waited. There was (working!) Wi-Fi in the lobby, and no one even thought to make a fuss😬 We lived in a suite, the room was chic, everything is very neat, what a high ceiling of 4 meters, probably, there were shampoos and shower gels of some good brand in the bathroom ( so my wife said, I xs)). Every day we changed towels, every other day the bed. And it was even possible to order such a service when they make a bed for you in the evening before going to bed, of course I was shocked by this, but it’s cool😃 The hotel has a spa, a swimming pool - where we spent almost the entire vacation. We also took an excursion from the hotel, we had a very cool Russian-speaking guide, I liked it, it was interesting to tell - I advise. We ate in restaurants, although it was possible to order everything to the room, it will be convenient for the lazy) In general, the rest was a success and it was not particularly noisy, or we just sleep soundly😅
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