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From F. Sponsored Review | 3 years ago
388 reviews
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Customers' opinions are not taken into account at this hotel. Just be prepared that this can happen to you too 😔 We had a luxurious room booked in the Royal Central Hotel The Palm for four days, which was overlooking the sea - everything we wanted. When we arrived, it turned out that we had made a mistake in booking and instead of our room they gave us a completely different one 😭 Unfortunately, he no longer had a sea view. It's beautiful all the same, yes, but we wanted the sea and it was super important for me! And everyone else was busy and it was very upsetting. This is probably why I cannot leave good reviews about the Royal Central Hotel The Palm. The hotel is, of course, good-looking. The breakfasts were delicious, very decent orange juice (not a bastard) and the rooms are well appointed too. Conveniently, the hotel has a closed private beach, which suspicious people do not want and do not sell anything to you. Sun loungers, umbrellas, towels - all this is here 👌 But this detail with the reservation at the Royal Central Hotel The Palm spoiled all the opinion about him. Alas!
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