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From Ханна | 3 years ago
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We spent our vacation in the summer of 2021 in Belek, Turkey. I have always loved Rixos Sungate. But on the advice of friends, we ended up at Rixos Premium Belek and, honestly, it was an unforgettable week. This hotel has won the title of the best in Turkey and is now my new love. The hotel is 80% full, but it feels like you're alone. Everything is so beautiful, tasteful and the staff is simply the best! The pool is very warm, we swam here in the evenings. At the huge table, everyone had breakfast together every day. And they played cards on the sofas at night. For families with children, this is the best place in Turkey! Children's water park, children's cinema, a huge children's restaurant, a children's room with nannies and entertainment, carousels and a huge interactive playground. In the evening, a disco with soap bubbles, animators. Here, the children literally run up their eyes. Parents also have the opportunity to relax. Separate compliments to the chefs of the hotel. They cook very tasty, so that it is impossible to leave something on the plate. And at the same time, the serving of dishes is such that you don’t know how you can eat such beauty. I really liked the desserts, especially baklava with ice cream. If you mix them together - an unreal taste. And in general, everything is delicious: soups, fish, meat, seafood, pizza, salads, grilled vegetables, fresh fruits. An abundance of various cocktails, freshly squeezed juices. There are several restaurants on site. One of them is meaty and I couldn't resist it. I haven't eaten much meat lately, but their steaks blew me away. And most importantly, my husband checked out the meat dishes, whom, in order to surprise, you still need to try. The territory is huge, but for the convenience of guests there are buggies. The driver will take you to the beach, to a restaurant, to the pier, where you can ride boats, water scooters, etc. without leaving the territory. Another one of my loves is the SPA at the hotel. Very clean, stylish, with a special atmosphere of relaxation. Salt water pool, huge hammam, several saunas, salt and ice rooms, font. And most importantly, the spa area is so big that it seems that there is no one here except you. By tradition, I visited the Turkish hammam and, no joke, it was the best in my life. By the sea, there are many tents with mattresses for relaxing in the shade. A clean sandy beach and a smooth velvet lawn for those who like to walk on the grass. The entrance to the sea is ideal for children. Everything is bright, clean, new and well maintained. So much so that it has atmospheric videos and photos. It seems to me that the place decorated me even more. I sincerely wish that everyone had the opportunity to relax like this with the whole family. Calm, tasty and high as it can be in space Rixos Premium Belek.
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From F. Sponsored Review | 3 years ago
388 reviews
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Если бы я была блогером-миллицонником, я бы непременно расхвалила бы данный отель. Попадая на рецепшн, ты словно оказываешься на мягком облачке с легким ароматом цветов. Они везде )) В вазах в номере, в холле, в коридорах, на улице. Это просто какой-то рай! Мы с Дочерью приезжали понежиться в спа. Тут невероятный салон Аньяна! Просто как для восточных принцесс. Мастера говорят по-русски, и не просто так, а очень грамотно и толково дают консультацию. Помогают определиться с тем, какую процедуру выбрать. А еще нам как гостям, приехавшим в первые, подарили цикл процедур по уходу за волосами, и мы ходили каждый день, и это было божественно! Тут все располагает к тотальному расслаблению и ненавязчивому общению. Улыбки и хорошее настроение персонала — норма. Горничная Эделина, которая уберала наш номер, просто бабочка ) она настолько неслышно появлялась и так быстро все делала, пока нас не было, что я сомневалась, не плод ли она моей фантазии. Но в номере все было восхитительно чисто ))) и снова цветы, их меняли каждый день)) Забитые мышцы мои просто стонали от удовольствия под руками массажиста в спа. понимаешь, насколько ты корявый человечек со своим офисом, встречами, пробками в авто. На третий день тело отпускает. Добить эффект можно пенными ваннами с минералами и йогой. Море шикарное, безумно чистое, а напитки в баре — просто мечта )) Рекомендую всем друзьям и родственникам Риксос Белек, это рай!
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