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460 reviews
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From Sponsored Review | 2 years ago
460 reviews
100 helpful
67 useless
It is difficult to recommend this PrimeBXT crypto exchange. When I first registered on it, and this was just a minute in 2020, I did not check the reviews. My task was to quickly buy a crypto with a card, for some reason it was this crypto exchange that I came across first. Registration was successful and quickly entered the money into the account through the card. In general, my task was to buy some OMG, which I managed to do pretty quickly. Its interface is quite plush, not serious, it's hard to call it a trading tool, more for hamsters. After 2020, I scored on this wallet on the exchange. After a while, I was alarmed by the amount of spam they send to the mail. I decided to find out how popular this exchange is and who uses it, since in the next two years I have not heard anything about this company. That also alerted me and I was all suspicious. The first thing that surprised me was that I didn’t find PrimeXBT in the CoinMarketCap listing, and it’s really strange, I don’t understand why they aren’t there.. Googling and looking for some information, I didn’t find a single review from really smart people. Very strange reviews on strange resources. Instagram account is crammed with news with fake followers who do not interact with the account at all, which is strange. What I generally liked about this exchange is that there are a lot of leveraged pairs, even the SP500. I still don’t understand what kind of liquidity this company provides, which is generally very important for a trader’s work, but the functionality is surprisingly very good. In general, you can work, but you need to deal with the commission. You can try.
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