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From Sponsored Review | 9 months ago
460 reviews
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67 useless
WhiteBIT site operation. 😓 When I first came to the site, I expected to see a clear and fast interface, but the reality turned out to be quite different. The pages loaded terribly slow. And it's not just my internet talking, checked on different devices. Especially annoying when you need to urgently check price information or make a transaction. And also, seemingly elementary function - switching languages. I could not find how to do it. As a result, I had to use the Russian version of the site, where the main page did not load properly at all. The second big problem is the execution of trade orders. 😠 This is where I really felt inconvenience. Several times I placed an order to sell cryptocurrency, but for some reason the system executed it as a buy order. Imagine my frustration when I tried to sell the currency profitably and instead bought it at an unfavorable price. I contacted the support team, but it was no better there. Answers came with a big delay, and some of my questions went unanswered. Another problem is that it is almost impossible to open an order when the market fluctuates a lot. The platform just hangs, and all your plans for fast trading are ruined. Nevertheless, WhiteBIT has its advantages. For example, the choice of cryptocurrencies on the exchange is quite wide, which, of course, pleases. Also, when the site works properly, the interface turns out to be quite user-friendly and intuitive. After a week of use, you start to feel more confident. So, despite all the above problems, the exchange still has potential. However, these serious shortcomings, especially those related to the technical side and support service, seriously worsen the overall impression of working with the platform. 🤔
Logan Hoffman
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From Logan Hoffman | a year ago
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I'll start with the biggest hassle - verification on WhiteBIT. It was a real headache. 🤯 At first I thought everything would go smoothly, but no. Applied once, waited, waited, waited..... and finally rejected. Thought maybe there was something wrong with the photo, reshot it, sent it again. And again rejected. On the third time already started to get nervous - the money on the account hangs, and I can not use them. Had to write to support, but the answers were slow and not too informative. 😕 And now the second problem - an attempt to withdraw a large sum. Everything was done according to the rules, verification documents have already passed, the money should have quietly come out. But suddenly the exchange blocked the withdrawal. At first I didn't even understand what was wrong. They demanded a bunch more documents to confirm the origin of the funds. I went through full verification, and here it is! I started to look into it, but WhiteBIT answers were vague, and everything was delayed for more than a month. 🙄 But what you can't take away from WhiteBIT is the user-friendliness after all that agony. Once you're already in the system, the selection of cryptocurrencies will make anyone happy. The interface is quite intuitive, after a week of use you already feel like a fish in water. So these are such contradictory impressions - on the one hand, the nervousness with verification and withdrawal of money, and on the other hand - quite a pleasant and convenient place to trade crypto. 🤷‍♂️
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